Yoko, you are great!

yokoonoimaginepeaceI think that you are a magic person, one that are born rarely and often misjudge by the contemporary.

Long time ago I thought about you and your position (but never wrote about it until now), how things would have been if you weren’t there… I’m talking about #John Lennon and #The Beatles. I know many puts the blame on you for dismantles of the band and for John’s attitude after that… why “blame” I ask?!

What was wrong with their split? Nothing in my opinion, a band of boys split, that’s life in music industry…

What happens after the split? John started to make good music, he’s attitude with the world was proper; he even started to wear those cool glasses (I bet was Yoko’s idea). And he was in a relationship with a muse, very lucky guy!

For me, she was the one that express though him and she managed to shape a superstar with profound message! Thank you #Yoko Ono! I don’t think that he was with no value, not at all, he needed to be “polish” by a true artist. I admire him for all his work and for promoting peace; I admire him for his activism and for his fight for “freedom”. Thank you John Lennon!

A stupid thing happened, something that is to remember and never happens again! She loses her lover, remains alone in a world that could not understand her, and more, blame her like it was her fault crazies exists… #Imagine the pain, the suffering she must felt! Just try to imagine that!

How she chooses to live after the tragic loss? Just look at her work, her energy, listen to the message and follow the actions! She’s an example for all of us!

Her optimism and strength it is to follow and inspires me, make me feel like it’s easy indeed to change the world.


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