Wondering snow

??????????????????????????????????????They said some “baby snow” is lost in #Las Vegas… Poor little snow! Maybe she followed her bigger friend “gust” or her cousin “cold”… who knows?! She’s here and her playmates seem to have other thing to do and let her wonder alone 🙁

I have to do something; I can’t let her wonder in this “dangerously” hot city! I’ll meet her and give her a shelter in my home for start, then I’ll treat her with some hot tea and we’ll make a plan! After she’ll thaw a little I’ll see if she has her mother’s phone number, if not, I’ll make some phone calls to see if someone knows where her mother is.

Oh, here she is! I found her somewhere in South Summerlin… WOW, she’s freezing and scared, barely can talk 🙁 Ok, no time to waste, let’s go inside where is warm and cozy. Here is some tea and a blanket, poor “baby snow”! All right now, she seems to be better (melting 🙂 ).

Let’s “Google” your mother see where she is. After some research we finally found her! She is with “winter”, the TV star, having a party… I’m guessing she hasn’t noticed her baby’s missing… Try to call but no answer, seems like I’ll have to shelter “baby snow” tonight. I’ll prepare a room, make her something to eat and get her to sleep. We’ll figure it out tomorrow and see what is to be done. Nighty night “baby snow”! … I don’t think so! She won’t go to sleep until I’ll tell her a good night story! Ok, what can I do?! Good night story it is… and I started: once upon a time there was a little…

“Good morning Sunshine”, she’s up! In the mean time I found “winter’s” address (somewhere north) and called her to say everything’s ok with “baby snow”. I’ll call a cab after breakfast and see she’ll get there safe.

Few tears, promises to keep in touch and she’s on her way to her mother.

Go North “baby snow”, go North!

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