The way of golf.

golf in copacSo Golf is big; it’s bigger than us. But golf is not what you’re thinking of. As U2 says in their song “Please” (ok, their song was about LOVE… and love, I’ll give you this, is “bigger” than golf).

But golf is big, very! I’ve been in love with golf since I’ve discovered it, back in my early 20’s. Since then I’ve played, I’ve hosted golf events, I published a golf magazine and I was one of the founders of Romanian Golf Federation (WOW, a lot of golf in my life J). With years passing I am now just a golf enthusiast and I love to play as often as I can (not a good player but a happy one).

Why all that frenzy over golf? Simple, it is a very giving friend. By playing I get a lot of energy and inspiration, by hosting golf events I got a lot of money and acquaintances, by getting involved in golf organizations I get to give back.

Today I want to highlight one of the most important lessons that I learned from my friend. It’s about life… of course.

When I started learning the game of golf, first I learned the rules and then I moved on to swing and the rest. The rules are simple and the swing is tough, perfect combination.

After some lessons I moved on to the course and discovered the true beauty of GOLF, it was magic. The wideness surrounded me and the tranquility I felt there was almost overwhelming. It was love at first “hole”.

I was there, by myself, with my scorecard, clubs and balls. I was supposed to keep my own score and no one was after my balls either… strange I thought, nothing like most other sports! Even though cheating was “permitted” it was pointless… While I advanced on the course I realized that it’s about me and no one else, I was my opponent. In order to get the par or birdie (the truth: bogey or double bogey. Ok, sometimes triple) I had to overtake myself, to concentrate and to put all my skills to work.

Those simple details made me realize that golf is about life, it’s a way of life. If I am focused on my goals in life I’ll be able to “overtake” myself and become better. Some simple rules: being true to myself and always looking forward.

I decided to promote it in every way possible and to encourage as many as possible to try it.

Let’s golf!

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