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imageN-am votat. Nu-mi pare rau, dar (dar-ul e cu bucurie), sunt de-a dreptul impresionat de efortul si hotararea de care ati dat dovada! FELICITARI!
Nu credeam ca un sentiment ANTI poate sa duca un popor atat de departe, sa uneasca oameni cu motive si motivatii atat de diferite, oameni ce provin din medii atat de diferite… toti impotriva! Impotriva!
Astazi a castigat un candidat care in urma cu putin timp era “prieten” de campanie cu cel care n-a castigat… strange love ar zice (canta) Dave Gahan.
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To vote or not to vote?


I have to tell you that I don’t have much interest in politics and also that I am a very tolerant person. I pretty much accept any opinion (exceptions for any pro violence related opinion, but not limited to physical violence) as valid and I have a huge pleasure to debate, with arguments please

So, what follows comes from an old and growing frustration. Just to be clear from the start.

Voting: It is our right, our obligation… but is it really what we need? Continue reading