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Competition leads to progress… very slow!

hot-dog-rematchWe are somehow born with this idea encrypted in our brains: competition leads to progress! False, I say…maybe if we add “but very slow”

I understand the concept of competition, I understand its values and utility in some areas like, sports, entertainment, or fun ( who arrives first gets a bier )… even business sometimes.

I am not against competing, just not for progress! I am bothered by the fact we all accept it as normal and applicable everywhere, we just apply it with ease no matter the situation.

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In a relationship with a city, Las Vegas.

vegas 11I’ll call #Las Vegas “She” because it suits better with all the qualities I found in it and also with my vision for this story, it is a love story after all.

We’ve know each other for some time and we started courting each other about two years ago when we decided to give it a try, to see if we can live together. This year I made the step, as “She” couldn’t move from current location (logistical issues). Reception was over expectations: fireworks, limousine, champagne, whole nine yards.

After few days of laying together we started meeting other couples: “Store” family, “Restaurant” family, “Sightseeing” family, “Weather” family and many more, all receiving us, as a couple, in a very friendly manner as if we’ve known each other for years. Nice feeling!

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Diets are my best friends!

diet picBefore I lost weight I was fat 🙂 Before I lost weight I thought that it’s almost impossible to be slim again, no matter what kind of diet or starvation I would apply although I never kept a prescribed diet… I just borrowed some from my better “halves” who had passed through my life, or from my mom.

I’m 39 y, 5.9 ft and 165 lb, before that I was 39 y, 5.9 ft and 202 lb. The difference between was achieved in three months without any special diet or program prescribed and with no starvation! Magic, isn’t it?!

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imageN-am votat. Nu-mi pare rau, dar (dar-ul e cu bucurie), sunt de-a dreptul impresionat de efortul si hotararea de care ati dat dovada! FELICITARI!
Nu credeam ca un sentiment ANTI poate sa duca un popor atat de departe, sa uneasca oameni cu motive si motivatii atat de diferite, oameni ce provin din medii atat de diferite… toti impotriva! Impotriva!
Astazi a castigat un candidat care in urma cu putin timp era “prieten” de campanie cu cel care n-a castigat… strange love ar zice (canta) Dave Gahan.
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We were born to sell.

images (2)I have been in sales for a long time and experience taught me that most of the “schemes” we apply come from us, from our life, and they are developed naturally within our growing process.

For example, we all remember when we were children and we “promoted” all our toys as the best ones.  Our parents and friends were the best also.

With time, as we grew, we started to “promote” other things like food, clothes, places, etc. How many times have you told a friend that the best beaches are in “x” location, or the best steak they’ll eat is made by “y” restaurant? Continue reading

Are we in control of our life?

(As most Control Key on Computer Keyboardof my writings I’ll keep it simple and not give you a deep personal insight. My goal is to validate my thoughts through you. I want to find others like me, to enrich my knowledge about life with your help and give back some of mine. So, everything below is just a draft that might become a theory.)

I like to think that we are. Naïve, you might say, but what if we are and we don’t realize it yet? And I’m not talking about flying or reading peoples’ minds, I’m talking about practical things like becoming better in our life, in what we do.

What if we are all born with all the necessary material we need in order to perform? Again, I’m talking about our daily tasks, nothing out of the ordinary. Continue reading

To vote or not to vote?


I have to tell you that I don’t have much interest in politics and also that I am a very tolerant person. I pretty much accept any opinion (exceptions for any pro violence related opinion, but not limited to physical violence) as valid and I have a huge pleasure to debate, with arguments please

So, what follows comes from an old and growing frustration. Just to be clear from the start.

Voting: It is our right, our obligation… but is it really what we need? Continue reading