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Schimbarile climatice vs. lupta impotriva terorismului

earth-dayNu ca ar avea vreo legatura directa, dar nu pot sa nu remarc modul in care sunt gestionate cele doua realitati.

Vad cum se iau deciziile legate de cele doua subiecte si nu pot sa nu ma mir. Daca in cazul luptei contra terorismului mai toata Europa s-a grabit sa bombardeze gruparile cu pricina, in cazul schimbarilor climatice nu se grabeste nimeni. Ori, zic eu, ar trebui sa fie taman invers.

Ne confruntam cu o criza climatica majora, avem o idee clara a consecintelor si cu toate astea nu se grabeste nimeni sa implementeze macar masurile agreeate deja. Crazy! Continue reading

What about relationships?

Love-and-EarthNothing… Or, nothing about it out of the ordinary. So, why bother write about it? Simple, we all have relationships and we are always in search for answers to various questions.

I have some relationships, friends, family, colleagues, etc… I’m quite special, aren’t I? 🙂

Seems like there are a lot of connections between them, more than I thought. What I want to point out is the attitude regarding others, how much I am alike with family, friends, colleagues, etc.?

With my family I am loving, protective, close, supportive, truthful and also demanding and rigorous.

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