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Adopt a mobile app.

stick-figure-familyIf you own or manage a business then you are the right person to adopt a mobile app!  You already have all she’ll need to grow healthy and achieve the most in life.

We have over 200 Mobile Apps (you can visit them at www.appstool.com ) that are looking for nice, serious, loving “parents” and I think you might be one of them.  They are smart, beautiful and hardworking; they know a lot of useful things and they can do wonders for your business.

Allow me to briefly highlight some of their qualities:

They eat almost anything: iOS, Android, Amazon, HTML5

They work hard and they are trained for almost any kind of business: restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, travel agencies, realtors, dentists, and many, many more.

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Competition leads to progress… very slow!

hot-dog-rematchWe are somehow born with this idea encrypted in our brains: competition leads to progress! False, I say…maybe if we add “but very slow”

I understand the concept of competition, I understand its values and utility in some areas like, sports, entertainment, or fun ( who arrives first gets a bier )… even business sometimes.

I am not against competing, just not for progress! I am bothered by the fact we all accept it as normal and applicable everywhere, we just apply it with ease no matter the situation.

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