Parents vs. parents vs. parents.

love your familyBeing a parent for my son and my parent’s child it’s something new to me, it came with a lot of dilemmas and sometimes disputes especially because now I have two pairs of parents 🙂 … don’t get me wrong, I thank God for that. Family means everything to me, it’s my universe and my home no matter where I am. So, my new position caught me a bit unprepared and I’m not sure I managed it in the best way.

When my son came in our life it was a very expected moment and a boundless joy, some of you with kids surely get me here. I and my better half was prepared for almost anything, not well trained for all the effort but open to any and all the extra that was needed.

Like normal folks that we are, we introduced our son to our parents… Then something happened, we were somewhere in between: parents and children alike, strange feeling 🙂 Experienced “parents” took their role seriously and started the education program. Not with the little one as you would expect, but with us, fresh parents. And they started and started again, then continued (still are 🙂 ) and continued… A good educational program and also a never-ending process I suppose, not that I’m complaining!

In order to understand the situation let me briefly describe the clan, I’ll start with ladies of course:

Mother-in-law, great woman, is a very well educated lady with a vast life experience and a very strong personality. She has her way and it’s the only one where you can meet her? Humans and animals loving person, with huge opening for any effort. Also a very funny and sociable person. Her charisma exceeds all the expectation; you’ll love her at first sight.

Mom, she’s the best: caring, loving, understanding and beautiful lady. Kind of a flower power personality she thinks that every person should live their life without outside interference. She likes nature and love to spend time outdoors. She has a natural talent to make kids love her instantly.

Father-in-law: good man with a humongous passion for technology and gadgets. He is very tolerant with people in general and from time to time a warrior.  Funny guy also.

Dad is a man of figures with “systems” for almost anything in this world. Everything should work based on a system and for sure it can be measured. A true gentleman he always knew how to treat a woman. A natural born story teller he’ll keep you tight with the most extravagant subjects you can imagine.

Here they are, plus us two, the son and our two dogs. Imagine how all this “ingredients” reacts when put them together… It’s like a magic potion which gives super powers to those who taste it. Super powers like: walking, talking, nursing, baking, washing, dancing, singing, etc. all at the same time! What did I tell you?! Magic!

When all those personalities met it was an explosion of advices and “knows bests”, was an avalanche of ideas about how we should raise the little one and also with lots of “musts”.

Here we are in the middle of this positive storm asking ourselves which or what to apply first… So, we decided to be open for all the inputs and decide based on our own experience and, most important, based on our feelings. Said and done. After one year we are pleased with our results and thankful for having such caring parents with us in this fantastic journey.

I guess we are lucky for having such a mix in our family and for sure it’s a plus for our son.

It’s a common situation, I’m sure, and I can bet that we’ll be in our parents’ position one day, can’t wait… Watch out son!

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