Fashion of beauty

483117649Beauty comes from everywhere when let free. Just look around and capture the beauty of any and everything surrounding us, even where you less expected. We are definitely surrounded by beauty! Trees, sky, sun, moon, stars, grass, oceans, mountains… A very long list of perfection that’s everywhere.

Where are we, as people in all of that, are we beautiful, do we go with what surrounds us? I guess we are and we do. We were born in and from beauty, we have it in us. All we have to do it’s to set it free, to show it like the newest & coolest thing we got.

It’s obvious that we like beauty and we need it. We are searching for beauty in anything from clothes to gadgets, from accessories to places… we have it in us, a lot of it actually so no need to hustle.

Let’s be beauty, let’s promote beauty as the most fashionable thing ever!

And since beauty is the next big thing we need to take care of those who are behind with this new fashion. Let’s ask them: Are nuclear plants harmonizes with beauty? Are any weapon harmonizes with beauty? Are unsustainable industries harmonizes with beauty? … NO THEY AREN’T! Try some flowers or some wine for example, its cooler.

There are also smaller unbeautiful things that don’t go with the new fashion, things like rudeness, malice, incivility, violence and few more. We have to take care of those too; we have to dress them in beauty, to give them a new direction and a touch of beauty. Imagine life without them…

On the bright side, there are also lots of beautiful things that people built and also a lot of beautiful actions we have. Things and actions that help us and don’t do any harm to “beauty”. Look around, find them, promote them and follow them.

For #BEAUTY with love.

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