Competition leads to progress… very slow!

hot-dog-rematchWe are somehow born with this idea encrypted in our brains: competition leads to progress! False, I say…maybe if we add “but very slow”

I understand the concept of competition, I understand its values and utility in some areas like, sports, entertainment, or fun ( who arrives first gets a bier )… even business sometimes.

I am not against competing, just not for progress! I am bothered by the fact we all accept it as normal and applicable everywhere, we just apply it with ease no matter the situation.

Imagine ten companies competing for bringing a new drug to market. Years of researching, testing, etc.; all separately, without sharing any formulas or components, in secret. One of them will be the first, naturally, and will be followed by the rest. All of them will have issues caused by unpredicted situations and some of them might have to redo some parts…  So, finally, we’ll have the medicine… but with what price? Longer waiting time, higher price, lower quality of the product, higher risks. That’s because of competition… it’s not important who’s first.

As a proof of its “normality” we brought some rules in… Yes, it’s regulated… we needed that! Otherwise some companies might share instead of competing!

Competition have a beautiful part too, it’s when it’s applied in sports or other forms of entertainment. Imagine two opponent teams start sharing the ball, not cool. Even here I think it’s not important who’s first.

Being first not necessarily means to be the only first… share your views, see how it feels.

I’d replace the false phrase with one that suits better with our nature: “SHARING / COOPERATION LEADS TO PROGRESS”, just seems to be more true and logic…


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