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Schimbarile climatice vs. lupta impotriva terorismului

earth-dayNu ca ar avea vreo legatura directa, dar nu pot sa nu remarc modul in care sunt gestionate cele doua realitati.

Vad cum se iau deciziile legate de cele doua subiecte si nu pot sa nu ma mir. Daca in cazul luptei contra terorismului mai toata Europa s-a grabit sa bombardeze gruparile cu pricina, in cazul schimbarilor climatice nu se grabeste nimeni. Ori, zic eu, ar trebui sa fie taman invers.

Ne confruntam cu o criza climatica majora, avem o idee clara a consecintelor si cu toate astea nu se grabeste nimeni sa implementeze macar masurile agreeate deja. Crazy! Continue reading

Plan de actiune (draft)


Toti ne dorim o tara curata, vrem schimbare, vrem… dar nu prea avem optiuni. Din pacate nu avem cu cine sa-i schimbam pe cei angajati de noi sa se ocupe de tara. Toti sunt hoti si nu vrem sa-i mai vedem, dar optiunile sunt limitate.

Hai in strada! Ce sa cerem, ce solutii avem?

Cred ca o varianta viabila ar fi ca oricine va veni la guvernare sa o faca “pe semnatura”, sa avem un contract cu ei, pe care daca nu-l  respecta sa fie trasi la raspundere. Continue reading

Adopt a mobile app.

stick-figure-familyIf you own or manage a business then you are the right person to adopt a mobile app!  You already have all she’ll need to grow healthy and achieve the most in life.

We have over 200 Mobile Apps (you can visit them at ) that are looking for nice, serious, loving “parents” and I think you might be one of them.  They are smart, beautiful and hardworking; they know a lot of useful things and they can do wonders for your business.

Allow me to briefly highlight some of their qualities:

They eat almost anything: iOS, Android, Amazon, HTML5

They work hard and they are trained for almost any kind of business: restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, travel agencies, realtors, dentists, and many, many more.

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Yoko, you are great!

yokoonoimaginepeaceI think that you are a magic person, one that are born rarely and often misjudge by the contemporary.

Long time ago I thought about you and your position (but never wrote about it until now), how things would have been if you weren’t there… I’m talking about #John Lennon and #The Beatles. I know many puts the blame on you for dismantles of the band and for John’s attitude after that… why “blame” I ask?!

What was wrong with their split? Nothing in my opinion, a band of boys split, that’s life in music industry…

What happens after the split? John started to make good music, he’s attitude with the world was proper; he even started to wear those cool glasses (I bet was Yoko’s idea). And he was in a relationship with a muse, very lucky guy!

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Competition leads to progress… very slow!

hot-dog-rematchWe are somehow born with this idea encrypted in our brains: competition leads to progress! False, I say…maybe if we add “but very slow”

I understand the concept of competition, I understand its values and utility in some areas like, sports, entertainment, or fun ( who arrives first gets a bier )… even business sometimes.

I am not against competing, just not for progress! I am bothered by the fact we all accept it as normal and applicable everywhere, we just apply it with ease no matter the situation.

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Fashion of beauty

483117649Beauty comes from everywhere when let free. Just look around and capture the beauty of any and everything surrounding us, even where you less expected. We are definitely surrounded by beauty! Trees, sky, sun, moon, stars, grass, oceans, mountains… A very long list of perfection that’s everywhere.

Where are we, as people in all of that, are we beautiful, do we go with what surrounds us? I guess we are and we do. We were born in and from beauty, we have it in us. All we have to do it’s to set it free, to show it like the newest & coolest thing we got.

It’s obvious that we like beauty and we need it. We are searching for beauty in anything from clothes to gadgets, from accessories to places… we have it in us, a lot of it actually so no need to hustle.

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Mystery ride …

mystery rideLove is about desire, giving, sharing, compromise … and other mysterious elements.

Are they mysterious indeed or is it just us that gives that mystery touch to love? I don’t think it’s a mystery, not at all. I’m not saying mystery is absent, I’m saying that love can be explained and understood and that mystery is in fact life.

Moreover, magic (not mystery) is all around when love is present and we all felt it at some point.

I think love is simple to explain and to understand if we pay some attention and we are interested in loving someone and not just impress or conquer by any mean or even worse just to be with someone and not alone…

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Diets are my best friends!

diet picBefore I lost weight I was fat 🙂 Before I lost weight I thought that it’s almost impossible to be slim again, no matter what kind of diet or starvation I would apply although I never kept a prescribed diet… I just borrowed some from my better “halves” who had passed through my life, or from my mom.

I’m 39 y, 5.9 ft and 165 lb, before that I was 39 y, 5.9 ft and 202 lb. The difference between was achieved in three months without any special diet or program prescribed and with no starvation! Magic, isn’t it?!

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The way of golf.

golf in copacSo Golf is big; it’s bigger than us. But golf is not what you’re thinking of. As U2 says in their song “Please” (ok, their song was about LOVE… and love, I’ll give you this, is “bigger” than golf).

But golf is big, very! I’ve been in love with golf since I’ve discovered it, back in my early 20’s. Since then I’ve played, I’ve hosted golf events, I published a golf magazine and I was one of the founders of Romanian Golf Federation (WOW, a lot of golf in my life J). With years passing I am now just a golf enthusiast and I love to play as often as I can (not a good player but a happy one).

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